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An inviting acoustic retirement song written to make an impact, "Goodbye My Friend" celebrates a handful of past joys while facing a forever farewell. Offering a stately vocal performance by author and singer Susie Krauter, this letter-like ballad brings a simple touch to the straightforward writing as her husband accompanies her with his hearty finger picked guitar licks.

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Goodbye My Friend, a retirement song
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Oh the winds of change are blowin'
Sometimes it seems that all good things must come to an end
We all knew this day was coming
But you know it's just not easy to say goodbye to a friend

This place will never be the same without you in it
No one to tell us like it is and like it isn't

The way you do and seasons change
The years go by and lives we share
And now the time has come to say goodbye my friend
What will we do without you
It's been good, but now the time has come
To say goodbye, goodbye, My friend

Oh you run a real tight ship, you're a mover and a shaker
And that you care shows right on through
You are loved and respected, with hearts of admiration
We want you to know, we don't want you to go

This place will never be the same without you in it
No one to tell us like it is and like it isn't

Oh we know you're really not so far away
But we'll be missin' you, no one can replace

Goodbye My Friend, a retirement songLance and Susie Krauter, a husband and wife unsigned music duo, began a side project called "Touched by a Tune" in early 2006. Lance and Susie named their musical pursuit "Tru North" and completed two home recorded acoustic gospel albums, titled after the location of their home recording studio at the Krauter house, "Songs from the Shed" and "Songs from the Upper Room."

A request came for a specially written song for a retiring business woman. The party planners provided Susie with adequate knowledge of the retiree's past, memories and character qualities. In no time Susie had a stunning song written for the retirement party. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after Tru North's performance. The song was a major hit at the party. Lance strummed his Taylor acoustic guitar and Susie sang a melody from her heart. With such a positive experience because her song "Goodbye My Friend", Susie put it on the web and began Specialtysongs.com, a website where people can find songs for special occasions.

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I actually stumbled across your song "Goodbye My Friend" when I was researching songs for a retirement slide show I am putting together. See the woman that is retiring is an amazing woman, who has helped open doors for women and is our local Executive Sponsor for our WINS (Women's Initiative for Networking Success) group. I listened to over 300 songs...not just any song would do to honor her or even be "PC" enough to play in front of over 100 people at work. I heard your song and knew immediately that it was the one. There is not enough powerful songs on the market to honor a great person like her. You nailed it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Best Regards,
Nichole Woltz
March 4, 2015

Hi Susie, I was just searching the internet...looking for songs, poems etc for our principal who is leaving at the end of this school year. When I came across your site and listen to your song...I thought this is perfect! The lyrics and music fit right into how we are all feeling about her leaving...there will not be a dry eye that day. Thank you so much for sharing your "gift" that God has given you! Have a peace-filled day!
Marlene Pickerell
March 10, 2015

I wanted to let you know that the DVD and the song "Goodbye My Friend" was a great hit at the school retirement party. I also want to thank you for your generosity in allowing me to use the song in a tribute to the three retiring teachers.
Dave Cupp

Dear Susie, Thank you so much for sending me your song. I used it as the final song in an mpeg movie I created out of pictures and video clips from our retiring teacher's 35 year career. Everyone enjoyed the clips, songs, and the pictures during the first part of the production and were smiling and chatting with each other. Once your song began, the room grew silent and everyone was completely attentive to the production. Then the tears began to flow! It was the perfect way to help us summarize the amazing career of a truely great teacher. Your song was a beautiful way to end the production. Thank you so much for generously sharing your work with us. Many of the people at the retirement wanted to know about you and your work so I shared your web site with them. I was excited to share that you create Christian music in order to help people come to know and love Christ in a special way. Thank you for that "tool" as another way to reach people for Jesus. Thank You.
Susan Thomas

I just wanted to let you know that we played "Goodbye my Friend" at the retirement party for Henry T. Harden, M.D. last evening and it was SOOOO moving! He was very moved, everyone in the audience (about 100 people) were very moved. I did make copies of the DVD/CD for about 8 people and many more people asked about the song and where it came from etc. Thank you so very much for going the extra mile to rerecord in our timeframe. Thanks again and many blessings on this beautiful song!
Carla Johnson

Just wanted to let you know on how the retirement went. The event was a great success and your song was perfect for the party. Everyone loved the song and the lyrics just fit perfectly. Thank you again for providing us with the song!

Thank you very much for allowing me to use your song at my friend's party. Everyone loved the song! It was a big hit! The song was wonderful, it was like it was written for her! Thanks again!
Pat Rose

Hi Susie ~ Well, we could never thank you enough for responding so quickly so we could use your song for our friend. It was so powerful, and so perfect! Shelly copied enough lyric sheets so we "serenaded" Bonnie with the song, through lots of tears of course! She thought we had the lyrics written just for her!!! That is how perfect , and apparently universal, this song is! Bonnie's 2 daughters surprised her by coming to the party, and they couldn't believe how wonderful your song is for their Mom. Funny thing, I did not know Bonnie's husband teases her about being the "Queen" of everything -- so your lyrics were certainly on target there too! All told, it was a gift beyond measure, thanks to you (Thanks to God) for writing, recording and mostly ~ thanks for sharing this song. It touches so many hearts. Our hearts will always be grateful for your kindness and talent! Thanks, and peace to you always ~ Marie Kinietz and the faculty and family at St. Mary School in Marion, OH.

Hi Susie, Just wanted to let you know that this song had an amazing effect at our parent appreciation breakfast we had this morning in our elementary school. I am a fifth grade teacher and a fellow teacher retired after 23 years at our school (34 total teaching years). I ordered both versions of the song. I had six girls in my class who wanted to memorize the song for this teacher (most of them had her as their second grade teacher). We surprised 'Laura' with an intimate session in her classroom two days ago (using the instrumental version). Of course the song brought her to tears and she thought we wrote this song just for her (the lyrics suited her perfectly). Well, today we had an appreciation breakfast for the parents. Several staff members were also at the breakfast. I produced a DVD to go along with the song. I matched most of the lyrics with appropriate pictures from the past 20 years. There was not a dry eye in the entire room. What a powerful and moving song. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful piece of music,
June 12, 2008

It's a great song and all the staff thought the words were perfect for our friend, Julie. All the lower elementary teachers were crying at how beautiful the song is and how perfect the words were at Julie's retirement party and they thought I sang it so pretty too. I have given out your website so that others can benefit from your beautiful music.

The perfect song for a fellow teacher's retirement. A beautiful melody and moving lyrics, you are indeed a blessed songwriter.
November 6, 2013

Thank you for responding so quickly so we could use your song for our co-worker of 32 years service retirement party. I realized after contacting you it was not an accident. What a powerful and moving song. I felt the love of God it moved my spirit. What Talent.
Springfield Country Club
May 9, 2012

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful songs around.
Laura Estima
June 7, 2011

In my school, I am known for the tear jerking power point slide show presentations that I create for members of staff. Whenever someone has left, retired or got married, I have surprised them with a slideshow with (embarrassing) pictures of themselves (sneakily acquired from various members of their family). I try to time the slideshow to a meaningful song and by far the best song I have found for someone who is leaving is a song called Goodbye My Friend by Susan Krauter. It is so beautiful and moving and will make anyone cry (can you tell I enjoy making people cry - in the nicest sense of the word of course).
April 5, 2011

A dear friend retired and she will be missed by all. We love her dearly and know that work will not be the same without her. We found this song on www.specialtysongs.com and the author - singer, Susan Krauter said she was inspired by God to write this song. It truly expresses our feelings for our beloved friend.
Terri Grigsby
November 23, 2009

Dear Susie, Just want to let you know how perfect your song was for the retirement tea! My daughter got so many compliments and the teacher she sang for, along with his entire family all had tears in their eyes. After she sang, the teacher started his speech with, "You know how to make a guy cry when you put him into a room full of people who say nice things about him, and then get a girl to sing to you!" Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of writing this song.
Darlene and Chelsea Chimilar
June 4, 2007

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